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Background of the name and the logo for ZANÍN

The tile of KSMA' journal is the Kurdish verb "Zanín = to know" (Infinitive form of a transitive verb common in all Kurdish dialect), which is the root of "Zanist = Science", "Zanyar = Scientist", "Zanyarí = knowledge", "Zanistge = University", "Zanko = collage" and so on. The title was chosen for it simplicity and common usage in all dialects and subdialect of Kurdish language. It is easy to relate the word to the content and coverage of the journal as well.

The logo is a combination of the title for the journal and the most significant emblem in Kurdish culture, the golden sun with colour code PMC 116 C (#FFCE00, RGB 255-206-000). The golden sun with 21 arrays, appear in many ancient Kurdish religious and culture, and symbolize the wisdom, awareness and power against the darkness. The golden sun is appearing in Kurdistan national flag as well. For more information on Kurdish flag please view KURDISTANICA.

The king of sun and lightness "Mithras" (Mihr) is one of the avitars in Kurdish relgion of Yazdanism. He is "Sha Khushin, Sha Xuweshín", viz. Sha Khurshid. The Mihr is the alias for the sun in our modern language, as in "Mihr ú Mang" (sun and moon).