Zhala Sabir

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS: Associate editor for Journal style and presentation
Dr. Zhala SabirI graduated with a MSc in Dental Public Health at King’s College London in 2002. My Master’s degree in Dental Public Health provided me with a great understanding of health inequalities and how to overcome them via community development, health promotion and health education. My thesis was titled ‘Resisting the Regulated Fate; Oral Health and Pathways to Adulthood for A Discordant Youth’. These findings can have important implications for developing new health strategies, particularly for young people.

Over the past couple of years, I have developed an academic interest and gained experience in Health projects, including the the National Health Service, the transition from Health Authorities to Primary Care Trusts, partnership working to reduce health inequalities, the workings of Local Strategic Partnerships, Local Health Partnerships and the specific voluntary and community organisations that work with these bodies.

Contact Details:
  • E-mail: zhala_sabir@yahoo.com
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