Jalal Majeed Shareef

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Dr. Jala Majeed Shareef (BSc, MSc, PhD)

I am graduate of Veterinary medicine and specialized in avian microbiology. I obtained an MSc from Liverpool University and a Ph.D from University of Manchester. Currently, I am the Dean of veterinary medicine at Suleimani University and teach undergraduate and postgraduate students.

My research interest is in avian mycoplasma and Escherichia.coli infections in broilers and in bacterial zoonotic infections, including brucellosis, Campylobacteriosis and bovine Tuberculosis.

I am a member of several professional organizations, including the Institute of Biology and Chartered Biologist /UK, the society of General Microbiology/UK, and the International Organisation of Mycoplasmology.

Contact Details:

College of Veterinary Medicine
University Of Suleimani
Kurdistan Region – Iraq

E-mail: drjalalshareef@yahoo.co.uk