Dara Jamil

Dr. Dara JamilI am specialised in food safety, food analysis and technologies and the legislation covering food safety.

I graduated at Suleimani University - Food Industries Department. I did an MSc in food analysis and composition at London South Bank University, while I was doing an advanced course in food hygiene at North East London College. I am a registered trainer with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for food hygiene training in Kurdish, Arabic & English.

Since 1995, I have been working at Natco - an international food trading company, as Technical Manager, auditing many of the European, none European and UK food companies. In a separate capacity, I have done an intensive work on herbs and spices heat treatment, using the available technologies in the European market.

As a great believer of "prevention is better than cure" I would like working closely in Kurdistan to assessing the impact of food safety on the public health and the possible participation in public health awareness.

Contact Details:
  • Tel: +44 (0)7939 479273
  • E-mail: daramjamil@yahoo.co.uk
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