Zanín, Issue 1, Vol. 2

Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 1-98 (January 2006)

  1. Editorial: From the Editor-in-Chief on the future of Zanín
    Page i
  2. Review article: Building Roads in Kurdistan: Pavement Performance Specification
    Pages 1-9 
    Safwat F. Said
  3. Review article: Integrated Collaborative Building Design Using Internet Technology Solutions
    Pages 10-26
    Dilan Roshani
  4. Review article: Developing a Geoinformatics Based Approach to Manage Water Resources in Southern Kurdistan
    Pages 27-45
    Serwan M. J. Baban
  5. Original article: Weight Enumerator and the Covering Radius of Codes
    Pages 46-55
    Fuad M. Shareef
  6. Original article: Life Outside Planet Earth: Biological and Stratospheric Samples and Their Relation to Interstellar Grains
    Pages 56-65 
    Shirwan Al-Mufti
  7. Original article: Preparation and Stability Studies of Cyclic Boronate Derivatives of Functionally Diverse Catechols
    Pages 66-71
    Kamal A. Ketuly
  8. Original article: Treating swollen scrotum: Sclerotherapy of Hydrocele and Spermatocele, using Doxycycline®
    Pages 72-76
    Botan Hawas, Reza Sohrabpour and Mauritz Waldén,
  9. Original article: Electric current in abnormal nerves: The utility of the difference in the latency of median and ulnar mixed nerve action potentials in focal ulnar nerve neuropathy
    Pages 77-84 
    Ahmad A A Bajalan and Vishwajit Hegde
  10. Original article: Box Fusion or Screw Fixation? A Comparative Study on Correcting Hallux Rigidus, Using an In-Vitro Biomechanical Model
    Pages 85-89 
    Adnan A. Faraj, Asheem Naraen, Peter Twigg
  11. Report: Establishment of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Iraqi Kurdistan
    Pages 90-93
    Abdulbaghi Ahmad
  12. Letter to the Editor: Perestroika in Kurdistan's Universities is long overdue
    Page 94-95
    Dlawer Ala'Aldeen
  13. News: 21 Kurdistan University leaders visit United Kingdom in May 2006
    Pages 96-98
    Dlawer Ala'Aldeen